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i heart you

on rockstar kids...

kaio: hey what's that???
me(holding a cd of t. je from daddy buddy): a cd...
kaio: can i see it?
me: sure! here.. just be careful ok?
kaio: aha.. can i look at the picture? i think i saw my uncle..
me: ok.
kaio: hey that's my uncle! it's hari ng sablay!
me: oh! yeah! haha! it is your uncle ebe (of sugarfree)
kaio: no he is the hari ng sablay!

Veda is sooo cute!
She asked me to take her picture. It ended up blurred kc naglalaro.  She is still pretty nonetheless..




waha! ang tagal ko finigure out kung pano magpost ng comments! :p ang cute nga ni veda! :D

Re: :p

si isabel ka ba? hehe..